Fixed deposit

Fixed deposit 300,000/= to 5million 12%pa, 6million to 10 million 15%pa, 11 and above 18%pa.

Junior Saver/Child Education Plan

On this account, parents are encouraged to open up accounts for their children. The sole target for this account is for parents to save school fees for their children. Parents will be educated that the account belongs to the children and not them even though they are the master piece behind the account.

  • Junior saver account: This account is targeted to children” of all ages . This account is restricted to only three withdraws in a year for the school going children. This is based on the term program : accordance to government education curriculum. Money will only be withdrawn at the beginning of every school term to enable parents meet school dues on time. Since parents are not direct beneficiaries, the Sacco will directly pay fees at the respective school of the child.

Child Education Plan

On this account, parents will not be allowed to withdraw money from the account not until the agreed period is over. This account will run for a period of 5-10 years, depending on the members’ interest. Under this account, members will not be allowed to withdraw money from the account until the agreed period elapses. Once the agreed period elapses, the account will graduate to junior savers. This account also has an interest of 10% p.a

Target Savers Account

Here members save money with a specific motive; this motive can be land, car, house or anything as per members’ needs. Withdraws are restricted to quarterly but in case the member opt to withdraw twice in a quarter, the withdraw charge is 10,000shs.

Super Save Account

This product account has 9% interest p.a and the minimum balance on this account is 50,000shs.Under this product, members are obligated to save money throughout the year without withdrawing.

Current Account

Is an ordinary individual account were the opening and
minimum balance is 10,000shs. This account has unlimited withdraw.

Group/Joint Account

This is an account for more than one individual, the opening and minimum balance is 20,000shs.When withdrawing from this account requires signatories to the account.


NB: All account opening requires 3 passport photos and a photocopy of ID (preferably national 1D). Except the Group account, all fees for the account opening is 13,000/= only but the minimum balance differs based on the account opened.
According to the cooperative Act, of the Republic of Uganda.

All members are obliged to buy a minimum share of 20,000 to be considered as full members and this shall be done in a period of three months after opening or the time
of opening the account.