To have a financially transparent and stable community.

Mission Statement

To transform the financial, social and economic state of the community through community participation in savings, financial literacy, loans and investment to achieve balanced development


Economic Opportunity Initiative
Financial Mainstream



The OVERCOMERS cooperative savings and credit society limited was legally registered by the registrar of cooperative society under the Ministry of trade, industry and cooperatives with probation, Reg. NO P.2527/RCS in 2011 and permanently registered with NO. 9879/RCS on 21st March 2012 .The cooperative head office is located in Lubaga division Kasubi Zone 1, along Kimera road in Kampala District, Uganda East Africa and has also a service center (Branch ) located in Kyebando Nansana ,Wakiso district.

You can access your account on you mobile phone .Just subscribe and then access your account by Dialing  *270*33#

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Social Fund

Social fund was introduced as a new product with objective of supporting members in times of tragedy especially death & complete impairment of the registered parties. Every member is required for an annual fee of 20.000/=. However, the fee is adjustable from time to time as the resolution at the AGM.

Every subscriber will be entitle to enroll a maximum of 6 dependents with him or her inclusive that is wife, husband & four biological children. The subscriber must provide valid bio-data information of the beneficiaries as it will be stipulated in the application form & such one not meant to substitute beneficiary with with another not mentioned in the list provided.


In order to access a loan from Overcomers SACCO one should at least be a member with an active savings account. The following are the loan products at Overcomers SACCO

Business Development Loan

This loan product is given to entrepreneurs, who already began their own small businesses and want to boast/increase business.

Group Loan

This loan product is designed for those clients who come together and guarantee each other so as to be able to access credit facilities as individuals.


Individual Loan

Under this loan product, an individual must have personal collateral property and also guarantors because in case of defaults, the guarantor is in position to pay back the Sacco money.


Junior Save/Child Education Plan

On this account, parents are encouraged to open up accounts fro the children.

Fixed Deposit

This account attracts an interest rate up to 18% P.a depending on the mount fixed

Child Education Plan

On this account, parents will not be allowed to withdraw money from the account not until the agreed period is over.

Target Savers Account

Here members save money with a specific motive; the motive could be land, house etc

Super Saver Account

Under this product, members are obligated to save money throughout the year without withdrawing.

Current Account

Is an ordinary account where the opening & minimum balance is 10.000/=

Group/Joint Account

This is an account for more than one individual the opening & minimum balance is 20.000/=.

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